Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Thank You - Artistic Prophet Studios - 2009 -Year in Review (Steven Kelso)

Thank You - Artistic Prophet Studios - 2009 -Year in Review (Steven Kelso)

First of all let me say a big “Thank You” to everyone here. 2009 was another amazing year. Many new friends were made and new adventures experienced. It all started in January and February right here in Indianapolis planning for my largest art exhibition in the downtown Indianapolis art district area in 10 years at the historical Athenaeum Theater hosted by Indy Metro.

In March, we installed the show filling the entire space with over 40 paintings. This gargantuan space with it’s 40 foot ceilings offered me a chance to exhibit some of my largest paintings, some measuring more than 12 feet. This Windows of the Soul: The Anthology exhibition was a great joy to display, sort of like a “Greatest Hits” show featuring work from the past 15 years or so. (See “Year in Review” pictures)
We did a TV interview with (NBC) WTHR Channel 13 and a couple of newspaper articles with the Indianapolis Star and Nuvo Newsweekly. Exhibition ran from March 15 through April 30

Then on May 7... I got an email from the Legendary Lead Vocalist of YES Jon Anderson asking to work on a project of his, converting his mural paintings into feasible and functional pieces of stained glass. I had met Jon at the Star Plaza Hotel in Merriville, Indiana along with his beautiful wife Janee five years earlier and talked about working together on some kind of art project together and I told him when the time was right for him to call. Well, of course Jon being very busy and working with so many people around the world went on his “Tour of the Universe” and “School of Rock” tours then with his unfortunate sickness sidelined him until this time. During his sickness he painted this huge mural and come up with the idea of turning it into stained glass.

Throughout the Summer of 2009 we worked closely together to come up with the very best product that we entitled, Dyerexus: The Zamran Glider. This stained glass panel was the pinnacle of our collaboration together and filled up most of my summer working with Fox Studios here in Indianapolis. During this time I began to receive bi-weekly emails from Jon laying out visual ideas about Zamran for which I did a total of 10 separate paintings and numerous drawings.

In September we put a nice little bow on our project together by offering a very limited number of stained glass panels and he began to work overtime with his music composing… while I put the finishing touches on my new book, “The Grand Vision”…

I finished “The Grand Vision” in October and released it on the newly formed format Adobe Reader eBook.
“The Grand Vision” is the last book in the trilogy series “Windows of the Soul”
Book 1 - Reflective Souls
Book 2 - Windows of the Soul
Book 3 - The Grand Vision

In November, I got an invite from Fernando Garcia in Buenos Aires, Argentina to come back to display some prints from the Mother and Child series for their Christmas show that runs through the rest of this year.
I have also put together a donation series of works for the White Feather Foundation run by
Julian Lennon and his camp and we will see where that goes…

Currently on the drawing board for the 2010, I will be starting a new series of works called:
“The Sacred Doors“ that should keep me busy for the long cold Winter here in Indy… along with scheduling dates for “The Grand Vision” tour with a hopeful return to New York in the spring or summer of 2010 for a presentation ceremony and exhibits at my home gallery there.

Who knows what the future holds. Time will tell… Thanks for the best sales year ever.
Zamran is Coming…
Thanks again to all of you for the encouraging words and support throughout 2009. Blessed.
Peace in God

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