Thursday, December 16, 2010

Year End Report - Artistic Prophet Studios (2010)

First of all let me say a big “Thank You” to everyone here on Facebook. …who could of imagined 2010 would top 2009. Many new friends were made and new adventures experienced. It all started in January in Argentina with two shows in Buenos Aires and Cura Malal benefiting less fortunate children.

In March, we installed the first of three Jon Anderson Collection exhibits in New York.

Then on May 24... we installed the biggest of the three Jon Anderson Collection exhibits at Severance Hall in Cleveland. Jon Anderson’s biggest concert of the year with the Contemporary Youth Orchestra.
The cable network HDNet was there to film the whole event and subsequently asking to contribute graphics work on the broadcast. I met Jon’s beautiful wife Janee and attended the backstage party during intermission. The attendance for the show was just under 2000 and also managed a couple TV interviews with the local media in Cleveland.

Throughout the Summer I worked closely together with Juan Baez to coordinate the final Jon Anderson Collection exhibit in Chicago in August. I met with Jon backstage at sound check and he signed the exhibition poster and validated my work on Zamran and the stained glass panel as well, the pinnacle of our collaboration together.

In September we put a nice little bow on the exhibition year with a project together with Tina Hendrix at the Jimi Hendrix Music Academy with a benefit concert honoring the legend of Jimi Hendrix and with the permanent installment of one of the Hendrix Collection Series paintings at the academy.

Currently on the drawing board for the 2011, I will be starting a new project that will probably take the entire year of 2011. I have been commissioned to completely renovate a 2400 square foot historic chapel right here in Indianapolis with my stained glass paintings featured from my latest book Windows of the Soul.

Thanks again to all of you for the encouraging words and support throughout 2010.

Peace in God

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